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CE COURSE | Applying Polyvagal in Practice

NOVEMBER 13th, 2021 The Prana Foundation is offering another opportunity to be a part of the LIVE interactive online 'Applying Polyvagal in Chiropractic Practice' this fall! This is a foundational Prana course that is a must attend. The level of trauma and stress that your patients and your community have experienced in the last year is unprecedented. This has sent their nervous systems & bodies into sympathetic overdrive! This course will review the Polyvagal theory as it is applied in chiropractic practice

The polyvagal exercises taught in this course will give you the extra edge to help take your patients out of that constant fight or flight mode of protection so many of them are stuck in. Chiropractic, when combined with polyvagal exercises, will increase parasympathetic tone and elevate your patient's ability to heal and thrive. What the course includes:

  • 3 hour Class Recording

  • 3CEUs in approved states/prov (only LIVE class)

  • 1 hour LIVE Q&A follow up (only with Live class)

  • Sample Programs & Resources

  • Resource library including:

  • Recording of class (60 day access)

  • All exercises (pdf)

ADD HRV Course now and SAVE $200 Register now for ONLY $297


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